Gentian Rhosa Meikleham is an artist and writer working between the mediums of text, sound and video. Through poetic reflections on presence and absence she explores different aspects of the human condition often with a focus on the secondary or the unseen; emphasising alternative forms of communication and utilising the powerful force of silence. Poetics and reconfigured texts feature prominently in her work, often with understated political gestures.
She is producer and editor of speakerspeaker a printed journal and podcast platform for experimental writing, critical dialogue, and sound art works; and co-curator of After School Special, a night for artistic experimentation and performative happenings based in Bergen. She holds an MFA from KMD, University of Bergen and a BA in Art & Philosophy from DJCAD, University of Dundee, Scotland. Recent exhibitions include, In The Library #14, KMD Library, Bergen (2019); FAST TIMES, Ekserserhuset, Kristiansand (2019); speaker/speaker, Galleri KiT, Trondheim(2018); we are vibrating subjects, The Trophy Room, Liverpool (2018).