Social Music II: Communities in Movement curated by Brandon LaBelle

The four-part Ö1 Kunstradio series "Social Music II" deals with sound as a social material and the way in which listening can enable dynamic forms of relationality. From voice and language to the consonant and dissonant sounds that shape being together, the series explores how sound contributes in different ways to shaping collectivity and community. In particular, the participating artists and theorists focus on elaborating society beyond the human world to develop approaches to the more-than-human, ecologies of matter, and symbiotic arrangements and entanglements between bodies and things.

For this collaboration, Brandon LaBelle and I explored ideas of intimacy within our domestic environments through listening and gestures of play. By ‘sounding out’ objects around us, we brought them into a new relationality with the body and created resonances with the ‘things’ that have surrounded us through these recent periods of social isolation.